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This Agreement between you, the "Subscriber(s)", and The Travel Lion, herein referred to as the "Travel Lion", shall be governed by the following Terms and Conditions. (Travel Lion) and/or website, and any Travel Lion materials, collectively known as "Travel Lion Service", are provided to Subscriber under a licensing agreement with The Travel Lion. In addition to the Terms and Conditions contained herein, use of Program websites, links or providers may be subject to additional terms and conditions as indicated by The Travel Lion and or its travel partners and providers.

The Travel Lion does not assume any responsibility for any verbal agreements between you and any provider/ sponsor or representative. All representations other than those contained in Travel Lion Service collateral materials must be in writing and authorized Travel Lion.

The Travel Lion affords members access to sub-wholesale rates on Travel Lion Member Resorts. As a Member courtesy, Members also have access to cruises, all inclusive and other travel that may be discounted, but not guaranteed to be sub-wholesale.

By entering into this subscription agreement, subscriber is granted a limited license to utilize the Travel Lion Service as may be provided and subject to the terms and conditions as contained herein, as may be found on The Travel Lion's website, program materials, or as may be provided by Travel Lion, from time to time. Travel Lion reserves the right to change the terms & conditions associated with the use of the Travel Lion Service at any time without notice.

Subscriber is only entitled to one "Travel Lion" membership per household. Subscriber agrees to an activation fee of $25. This fee covers member services, site maintenance, etc.

Travel Lion acts as a facilitator for a variety of travel providers and offers, and is not responsible in any way for false offers, cancellation fees, issues of any kind caused by travel, delays, naturally disasters, correct representation of offers, and misprints of pricing. Subscriber understands it is using The Travel Lion's Service and their own risk, and in agreeing to become a subscriber, will hold indemnify and hold harmless Travel Lion against all any claims, out of pocket expense, or any type of loss suffered arising from the use of travel service providers of Travel Lion Services, and any travel services utilized on the website.

Misuse of Travel Lion Services by Subscriber is cause for immediate cancellation of the limited license to utilize the website. Examples of misuse include but are not limited to, reselling travel to a third party. Providing access to any one other than Subscribing member.

The Travel Lion is a California based company. The parties consent, agree and stipulate that: (i) this Agreement shall be deemed fully executed and performed in the State of California and shall be governed in all respects by, and construed in accordance with the laws thereof without giving special effect to the principals of conflict of laws and; (ii) In the event of a dispute arising between the parties resulting from this Agreement, the parties agree to submit that dispute to mandatory binding arbitration in California, at a location determined by The Travel Lion.

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